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How to hide Your Phone Number (Caller ID)

Hiding Your Phone Number (Caller ID)  During a call. 

How to hide Your Phone Number (Caller ID)

Setting your phone number (Caller ID)  to private mode or hidden status is a safe form of keeping your identity to yourself. Once you make your number private,  the receiver may not be able to keep record of your phone number and at the same time cannot return the call if missed. 

It is very possible to get this done as long as you have your own reasons to hide your number from a receiver.  Hiding your phone number can be done basically in two ways and they include :
  1. Through a USSD Code 
  2. Through a quick setup under "call settings" in Phone settings. 
I will further write on how to apply any of those two methods to hide your phone number (caller ID).

How To Hide Your Caller ID  Using USSD code. 

You can hide your Caller ID (Phone number) from any receiver with a dial combination of the USSD code #31# and the receivers number.

The code #31# hides your Caller ID (Phone number) generally from all occurring calls you make. So,  you can specifically hide from a particular number during a call by combining #33# with the phone number of the person.
Let's say the phone number of the receiver is 08031000000, you will  simply  type #31# and follow it immediately with the number in this format #33#08031000000 then dial.

So,  how do you get to unhide your number during the next call?  Simply exclude the #31# code from the dial pad.

Also, you can hide your caller ID (phone number) through your phone settings > Call settings.
This is not included in some phones especially Android phones so it's preferred that you use a smaller phone.

  • Go to Phone Settings > Call Settings 
  • Click on Hide Caller ID 
Note that if your caller ID is set to be displayed  by network's preference, your caller ID may get hidden to receivers when Network coverage is bad. 

How to  Hide Your Caller ID on MTN,  Glo, Airtel & 9mobile.

You can hide your caller ID (phone number)  from receivers on any Network with the code #31#. It works for MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

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