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Airtel Tariff Plans And Their Migration Codes


What Is a Tariff Plan?

Tariff plans are defined charges by these network providers. Tariff systems vary from country to country, they are generally made up of, the standing charges and the call charges.
Standing Charges: These charges are fixed and they are used to pay for the cost of connection to the nearest exchange. They are usually paid on monthly basis.
Call Charges: These are variable charges used to pay for calls from the caller’s network, to the receiver’s network. These call charges can be calculated.

Airtel Tariff Plans:

Below is a table of the Airtel tariff plans;
Tariff Plans
Call rates
Migration Codes

11 kobo per sec
SmartTalk 2.0
11 kobo per sec (National Calls) 20 kobo per sec (International calls) Daily Charge of 6 Naira

SmartTrybe Junior


Airtel 6x Bundle

*555* PIN#
Premier Connect



This is a default tariff for new prepaid customers where they enjoy bonuses on every recharge
200% bonus on every recharge of 200 naira and above
15 megabyte weekly free data on recharges from 200 naira upwards
300 naira weekly family and friends bonus on every recharge of 200 naira and above
To migrate to Airtel SmartConnect just buy anew Airtel sim from the nearest Airtel office.

Airtel SmartTRYBE:

SmartTrybe is specially designed to keep you connected with everything going on around your trybe, this is actually one of the best tariffs in the Airtel network. Other offers include;
1 Gb for 500 naira (Valid for 7 days)
Night Browsing 500mb for 25 naira (Valid between 12 and 5am)
You can migrate to the smartTrybe tariffplan by dialing the USSD code *312*1# or send “CAMPUS to 312”. Postpaid customers are exempted from this product.

SmartTalk 2.0:

 With the prepaid Airtel SmartTALK 2.0 you can make calls to all networks in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second from the very first second and 20 kobo per second to international countries like USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline. Note that a daily charge of 6 naira will be deducted from your account.
You can easily migrate to Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 by dialing the USSD *315#.


This is another cheap and portable Airtel Tariff plan that charges 40 kobo/sec at the first minute of the day then the subsequent ones are charged at 11 kobo per second.
This tariff plan is categorized into the premier platinum with 5000 naira and Premier platinum plus with 10,000 naira. To migrate to the Airtel SmartPremier tariff plan just dial *479#.

SmartTRYBE Junior:

With the smartTrybe Junior, you will enjoy this offers:
Free calls and SMS to Mum and Dad
10% bonus airtime transferred to kids line when parents recharge
100% bonus on data purchase from 250 mb and above.
You can easily migrate to this tariff by dialing the USSD *317#


With the Airtel Talkmore tariff plan, you can get 200% bonus on all your recharges including data bonus, It offers you several voice bundle which includes voice bundles of 150 naira, 250 naira and 700 naira etc. with different validity periods
Amount Subscribed
Amount Received
Subscription Pin
60 Naira
180 naira
30 days
100 Naira
400 naira
30 days
150 Naira
600 naira
30 days
200 Naira
900 naira
30 days
250 naira
1100 naira
30 days
300 naira
1300 naira
30 days
500 naira
2500 naira
30 days
700 naira
3500 naira
30 days
1000 naira
5000 naira
30 days
1500 naira
7500 naira
30 days
3000 naira
15,000 naira
30 days

This tariff plan is open for both Airtel prepaid and postpaid subscribers. If subscriptions are made before the validity expires, previous balance do roll over.


Airtel premierconnect is one of the most interesting combo bundles designed by airtel to make life easier for young professionals and executives. It includes a 3 in 1 bundle for voice, sms and data allowing their customers to get the best and most competitive value.
PremierConnect offers a number of plans with different benfits and bonuses. These plans includes;
1.       Monthly Plans With Free Data Bonus
·         PremierCONNECT N8,000: Recharge with N8,000 and get N17,000 for local and international calls also 1 GB in addition
·         PremierCONNECT N15,000: Recharge with N15,000 and get N38,000 for local and international calls also 3 GB in addition
·         PremierCONNECT N25,000: Recharge with N25,000 and get N68,000 for local and international calls also 4 GB in addition
·         PremierCONNECT N55,000: Recharge with N55,000 and get N168,000 for local and international calls also 6 GB in addition

2.       Monthly Plans with Free SMS Pack
·         PremierCONNECT N5,000: Recharge with N5,000 and get N16,000 for local and international calls also 250 free sms in addition
·         PremierCONNECT N10,000: Recharge with N10,000 and get N33,000 for local and international calls also 500 free sms in addition
·         PremierCONNECT N20,000: Recharge with N20,000 and get N63,000 for local and international calls also 2000 free sms in addition
·         PremierCONNECT N50,000: Recharge with N50,000 and get N173,000 for local and international calls also 4000 free sms in addition

You can easily subscribe to this tariff by dialing the USSD *254#.

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