Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How to Get a Geo-Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

Lots of Blog Owners and Writers would love to set their blogs to a particular geo targets so as to drive their major traffics from the targets. This are mainly done either to direct their posts to the right audience or for the advertising power from this targets.
Targeted traffics from countries like the United states and United Kingdom produces positive bounce rates and converts better in terms of advertising because of the purchasing abilities from users in this areas.
Traffics are the number of visits to your site or blog, this are mainly gotten through search redirects or by sharing your links to potential readers. Now If you blog contents are written based on the interest of a given geographical target, by recommendation your blog should be targeted to traffics from that geographical area.
Below are some possible ways on How to Get a Geo-Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

           Google Webmaster Geo-Targeting Tool
Basically, before any other step is observed the google webmaster geo-targeting tool is highly recommended. This tool allows you to set which country your website is targeted to and also helps you get traffic from that targeted country. To do this, you have to log in and verify your website or blog in the Google Webmaster Tool once that is done, proceed to Search Traffic > International Targeting, there you can specify which country you wish to target.

2.       Custom Domain Naming
Without doubts, domain level extensions such as .com, .net, .org normally rank higher in search engines. To gain geo-targeted traffics, country specific domain names such as,, are recommended, now this sites are likely to appear on searches from these regions and gain more traffics from this targets.

3.       Content Targeting
The contents of your posts also assist google in determining the country you are targeting. If you own a generic domain like, it is advice able for you to include the country name such as United States, Ireland for example, you are making a post on “how to make money”, to specify the country you would like to target, make the title “how to make money in Ireland
Additionally, the kind of content and language you are using in your articles will also determine the ranking of your website.

4.       Your Hosting Server Location
Another significant factor in driving geo-targeted traffic is your host server location. If your target country for traffic is the U.K. (United Kingdom), you will want to host your website on U.K.-based servers. If you’re targeting traffic from Nigeria, host your website on Nigerian servers.

5.       Backlinks
The Importance of backlinks remain ultimate, before now, the popularity of blog contents was determined by the number of backlinks to the content though these criteria might have changed as time passed but backlinks shouldn’t be neglected. How is this related to targeting traffic from a geographical region you may ask, if your articles are written to get traffics from countries like Ireland, United States, try to get backlinks from Ireland based sites likewise the U.S. based sites.
You can get backlinks from this sites by commenting on the sites with your link on them or through guest blogging opportunities.

I guess with the listed ways above, you would find one or more helpful methods to choose in getting a geo-targeted traffic to your blog and if in any way you find this article helpful to you, kindly share it and incase of any questions or contribution, use the comment section below.

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