Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Exhausted Data; Switch To Facebook Free Mode With Lite

How To Switch To Facebook Free Mode With Lite 

In most occasions, It appears not possible to modify back to Facebook free mode once information gets exhausted within the middle of a spoken communication. This may be therefore frustrating because of the very fact that it cuts short your spoken communication and will not allow you to with the chance to reply a very important chat. There is no need to worry because the solution to this issue is the reason for writing this article, it will show you how to switch back to facebook free mode easily.

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The Facebook free mode is supported currently by Airtel, Etisalat and MTN in Nigeria and the major aim of this feature is to enable users to access Facebook on the internet and it's applications without an active data plan.

How To Switch To Facebook Free Mode On FB Lite

 I know you might have tried several steps like exiting the app and launching it again and probably it have not worked for you. The outlined steps below would be a solution.

  • Go to phone menu, Navigate to settings 
  • On Settings, Click on Apps and Notifications 
  • Locate Facebook Lite and click on it 
  • Tap 'Storage' , Locate Cache Click on Clear Cache . 
Once you are done with this steps, get back to your Facebook Lite app and launch it again, fill in your logins and you will be switched to Free Mode.

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