Saturday, June 22, 2019

How to stop Facebook SMS notifications

How to Stop Facebook SMS Notification

You would imagine how annoying it becomes when your phone beeps every minutes of the day only to notify you of some sort of unnecessary things. If not to spare your battery life or to keep your ears at rest, you will or may need a way out in order to preserve your storage capacity.

The Facebook notification comes automatically once you have your number confirmed on Facebook but trust me, with Facebook, there's always a way out of any automatic set up so far you are willing to find out.

In this article you will be reading about ways to stop the Facebook notification SMS and this will come in three different methods which includes switching sms notifications off via notification settings, message barring and stopping notification SMS via a counter SMS. If you really what to get rid of this bug, the let's step on the guides below.

Switching SMS Notification Off 

Switching the Facebook SMS notification, would not take much of your time or stress you out all you need to have is a Facebook app or Any browser where you can log into your account, data subscription or any sim that supports the Free Basics program and that's all

  • Firstly, Log into your Facebook account
  • Click on the Menu button located at the top right corner of your Facebook app.
  • Scroll down to settings and click on it
  • Next, you would just have to locate Text Messaging under Notifications where you can edit preferences for sending and receiving text messages, then click on it
  • Navigate to Notification, Click on Edit and Turn It Off.

Incase you do prefer the SMS notification stuff, then you can probably turn it on i.e. if it was off.

Message Barring

This actually is the next method in which you can employ to stop Facebook SMS notifications.
Most of this SMS you get actually come from a source, yes a number. So you can simply stop the SMS by blacklisting the number and the whole notification stuff will end.

Counter SMS

This would be the last method I'd be showing you. Remember I said earlier that those SMS notifications do come from a particular number, depending on your network provider or possibly your location? Now all you will have to do is send a counter message to the number. Take a look at this
Down here, The SMS normally comes from 631 and all I did do stop the messages from coming was to text "STOP" to the same number and that ended the case. So, key in the number, Send "STOP" to it and you will get a confirmation SMS in return. For example Send "STOP" to "631".

Note that all Facebook compatible gadgets can perform this process, you don't need to get a smartphone or a laptop for this, It's as simple as locating your eyes in the dark.