Thursday, June 20, 2019

How To Activate Airtel Free WhatsApp

How To Activate Airtel Free WhatsApp 

Free WhatsApp

Airtel Nigeria, being the lead on the Facebook Free basic program in order to expand it's webs has introduced the free WhatsApp plan too, all you need to do is opt into the plan and start enjoying unlimited monthly free chatting on WhatsApp.
Although most Airtel users are unaware of this whooping offer by Airtel and that has triggered this write up so that all persons on the Airtel Network can enjoy this benefit. To break the bonds of limited data while chatting with your friends and preferred contacts, I guess you will need to know this bonus and how to use it.

All you need to know is about the Airtel Whatsapp plan is that the plan has been created by Airtel to enable all her users get comfortable chatting without the fear of running out of data. In case you need to know, the plan is tagged unlimited meaning that once subscribed to, you can watch videos, share videos, pictures for the whole month.
There's no need to panic on which device would be supported or so ever, because So long you have a WhatsApp supported gadget, you are good to use this plan.

How To Activate

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Activating the WhatsApp unlimited data plan would come after a successful dial on the code but before you dial you must ensure you have at least a ₦100 top up on your Airtel sim, one month of unlimited WhatsApp chatting with just ₦100 is as good as free so if you are ready for this then let's proceed to the next steps.

  • Dial the USSD *948*1#
  • A subscription fee of ₦100 will be deducted from your balance like I mentioned earlier
  • You are now successfully subscribed to one month of unlimited WhatsApp balling 😉

How To Check Balance

For now, there's no confirmed method of checking your balance as this plan is an unlimited plan an would not get exhausted until it exceeds the time frame. In case you need to check data balance for your existing data bundles, then you are free to dial *123*8# as it is the code for general data balance in Airtel.

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Additional Information

Note that once the plan gets exhausted, it automatically ends as it is not automatically renewed so in order to keep using the plan, you may need to redial the code to get back to the plan or continue with your normal WhatsApp usage billed at 5 kobo per kB.
On the recent development, this code as been changed to the All Social weekly plan but still at the same price rate meaning that you can enjoy your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lots more for just ₦100 a week
Furthermore, it's just as simple as that! No concealed catch, simply shabby and boundless approach to associate with individuals that matters to you. So go get your phone and get this bundle in the event that you have not done that as of now!