Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How to convert facebook likes into money

How to convert facebook likes into money

Social media is the fastest growing media platform in the world and if at all you want to hit ripeness then you should make genuine use of your handle. Who ever wants to spend without gaining? I bet you, no one would love to do that so, wake up and make your grind spit some funds for you.
If you are certain of some good likes on your Facebook bank then reading this is an un-regratable opportunity for you because after reading this article, it will take you less than your fixed date to start earning. I'm sure you must have heard of the word 'INFLUENCE' and if you are getting likes ranging from 200-5000 and above on an update you make then you are on the right side because indirectly your update creates an influence on your social media world.

But, Before you resume your private Job there are some gadgets and skills you need to acquire. Mentioning skills, if your Facebook account is one that creates this whole lot of influence, then you need to secure it from hackers. You can read more on how to secure your Facebook from hackers.
Very well then, If you are done with that then we can proceed. To operate savely and minimize the risk of losing, then you will need to purchase a good smartphone or laptop, this would help in increasing your online presence and if you are one that already has passion for what you do then you will need a power bank to keep your battery alive.

Personally, I can recall that I started making some earns from Facebook with my Techno Y3 which was barely up to a 1Gb ram memory but because I understood what I was into, I had to press harder to raise funds for a better smartphone. I started with managing Facebook pages for clients whom would pay me at the end of the month and constantly subscribing my mobile data. I then created lots of pages with my Facebook account, updated them with captivating posts which increased the numbers of likes to the page on daily basis with that I'd just throw in some affiliate links into the page, earn some traffic and my money keeps building up.

It's very obvious that you won't wake up one morning to see a magical 10,000 naira inside your account so the more time you stay awake the better. Alright, without wasting much time, just follow up the steps below and become the big man that you've always wanted to be.

Trend Events

If you've got the influencing power in your social world, (might not be limited to Facebook only) then you can trend events for money. This is how to do it.
In this generation, event organizers would always want their events to go viral so, get in touch with them, show them what you've got and strike a deal. It's as simple as that. Trending Live Videos would always earn you a better cheese, that's an hint though. So go in there, scout for organizers and make your bulk.

Manage Pages

Trending events might suck a whole time out of your schedule but managing a page is far relieving because you stay in control. When I say "Stay In Control", I mean that you would always work less. Lots of organizations out there are looking for social media freaks who would manage their pages for them, follow up, get your work done and get paid. The coolest fact about managing a page is that your clients would always subscribe for you so if you have up to 5 clients then you've got no data issues any longer.
All you would do here is, just get the specifications of updates you need to make and sieze a little time from your chat hours and make the updates then work's off till next time.

Affiliate Marketing

What's Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a kind of execution based promotion in which a business organization rewards you for every guest or client brought to them by your very own showcasing endeavors.
It means you showcase products on your timeline, influence your world and drag clients to the company you are affiliating with. Personally, I'm an active DomainKing and Jumia's affiliate partner and I'm getting paid.

Sell Pages

Hey! This is another quick cash source from Facebook. All you need is a Facebook page with lots of page likes and followers and if you are making a business out of this then you need a whole lot of pages.
Recently Someone approached me saying he was in need of a page to trend his modelling contest. He needed a page with 5000 likes and I requested a payment of 10,000 naira but in business there is room for bargaining so we ended in a deal of 8,000 naira. I made my transactions and got my payment. He later recommended me and so by web expands.
So, if it works for me, definitely it will work for you, just work hard.


If you are my kind of person that owns a blog then you've got the power to influence on social media, that's a big opportunity for you to advertise your business, the more you advertise, the more awareness you create and the more people gets aware of your business then you stand a better chance of growing bigger and richer.
Sometimes you advertise not just your business but also publish a paid advert and get paid.
After reading to this point, you will discover that I have repeatedly mentioned pages and you might be wandering how you can build pages with huge likes and followers.

Let me just leak a bit of my secret, converting your facebook account into a page is the honeycomb, The most interesting fact here is that all followers and pending friend requests plus your friends would automatically like the page. So If you've got 3 Facebook accounts with 5000 friends, 2000 followers and 1000 pending friend requests then you would be having 8000 likes to your newly converted page.

Finally, I'd be leaving an advice. It might take some days to make illegal funds and longer days to make legal funds but I'd always go for what is legal so it will last for me. So, buckle up and work harder and the money will come.