Thursday, June 25, 2020

How To Get Free 1GB Data From Airtel

How To Get Free 1GB Data From Airtel 

Airtel Free 1GB

It's usually amazing when something gets to us free of charge so, here's a guide to show you how you can get 1GB free data from Airtel. On daily basis, we all utilize Data either to browse, download, stream, watch and even upload so you know how useful 1GB would be especially when it's given out for free.

The Airtel network just like the MTN network using application  platforms oriented to offer customers free Data once the application is installed and used. In the case of the MTN App, a customer gets free 500MB for signing up and also acccumulate more if he/she invites other customers.

Before I get further to showing you how to get the free Airtel data, I suggest you would love to know how to make money from Jumia because actually this Free offer works once per SIM so what happens when the Data gets exhausted? You'll need money for your normal subscription.

How to Get 1GB from Airtel Via MyAirtel App

MyAirtel App just like the MyMTN app is an application developed to assist Airtel customers on self services.

This self-care app gives you access to stay in control of your account. You can view account status, recharge and buy bundles using debit cards.

The app also has a curated list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

In addition, App users earn bonuses on recharge and data on purchases made on the app. - MyAirtel Website

To get the free 1GB data from Airtel Via the Airtel App, Follow the steps below;

  • Install and Launch the App, make sure your Airtel sim is on your phone before launching the app
  • Register your Airtel number on the app, an OTP will be sent to your line and confirmed automatically
  • After that you will receive an SMS notification, that reads that you have received an Airtel app bonus data as shown on the screenshot below.

Eligibility criteria

The free 1GB data from Airtel is expressly accessible to all Airtel customers but each Airtel SIM could only get this data once. Strategically you can still be able to accumulate as much data by owning many Airtel Sims.

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