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How to unlock any Modem

How To Unlock All Types Of  Modems

Unlock Huawei Modem
The flash advancements in technology in today's age gave room for faster ways to approach technology which lies grossly on the internet. Mostly, the internet has been approached by persons using modems which further led to the development of carrier locked modems by network providers in order to make them look more personalized.

Looking deeply into it, Majority of these modems are developed products of Huawei which is undenyingly one of the leading manufacturers of modems and other mobile gadgets.
Since most of these modems are carrier-locked or let's say the universal ones are likely costlier than the carrier customed ones and can't be easily affordable, you can purchase the locked ones and then perform an unlocking process which will grant access to any sim card inserted in it.

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We are used to branded modems and routers, some of won’t know what I mean by branded modems and routers. Branded modems and routers are modems and routers that come with a network provider which is in your location.

The examples of branded modems are MTN, Verizon, Airtel modems and Swift, Spectranet routers. Unlocking your modem is more of a transformation process – You are taking your modem or router which was in chains and setting free to roam any and all SIMs without any restrictions.

With this guide, you won't have to go to any computer expert or perhaps pay a technologist to get your modem unlocked to become a universal one, luckily, after following the guide intensely, you will be able to unlock any Huawei modem yourself.

Now Follow the steps carefully to successfully unlock your Huawei modem and probably become the modem unlocker in your environment 😉

How To Unlock A Modem Using DC Unlocker  

I once gave a try using this method to Unlock my Glo Customized Modem and discovered it works free on older modems and requires funding in Newer ones, but you don't need to panic if you can't afford because the next method would be absolutely free.


  • Compatibility: You need to be sure your modem or router is supported with the DC unlocker before proceeding to the unlocking process. You can find that out through their list of supported devices
  • A Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • A Modem or router device
  • Internet Connection
  • For the Paid option, you would need money
Once you are fit with the requirements, you can proceed with the steps below:

  • Download DC Unlocker
  • Run DC Unlocker as Administrator
  • Before you plug your modem into the PC, insert a sim card. Usually a different sim different from the Network Provider. (Example – If the network provider is Airtel, Insert 9mobile sim.
  • Select your Modem or Router “Manufacturer” and set “Select Model – Recommended“. if you don’t know the particular model of your Huawei modem. Click on “Search”.
  • Wait for few seconds, DC-Unlocker would detect your modem
  • Click on “Server” and insert your Username and Password then Login. Note: default password and username for most Huawei modems and routers is "admin"
  • Click on “Unlock“
Unplug your Modem and Plug it back into your PC. You should be able to use any SIM with it now.
Congratulations! You just unlocked your stubborn modem or router!

How To Unlock Any Modem 

  1. Goto
  2. Input your IMEI Number (This is written at the back of your modem, check for it)
  3. Input the security code that will be generated for you
  4. Now click on Calculator, your unlock code and flash code will be generated for you immediately.
  5. Use the unlock (warning: Use the unlock code and not the flash code and this unlock code must not be tried more than 10 attempt else your modem will be permanently locked)
  6. How will you use the unlock code? To make use of the unlock code, insert any other network SIM card other than the prescribed SIM for the Modem into your Huawei lucked modem. That is if originally you are using airtel modem, remove the airtel SIM card from the modem and insert  Other SIM like MTN, GLO, Etisalat e.t.c into the modem.
  7. Immediately after inserting the modem into your computer, a small dialogue box will be displayed on your screen and you will be prompt for the modems unlock code after which you can now enter the unlock code. With this you can use your huawei USB modem with SIM card from any other operator.
  8. Now, this is where the configuration settings for different network operator comes in depending on your preferred operator you will need to configure it to work with such operator.
  9. Click on the modem application icon on your desktop, then click on tool, then click on option then click on profile management, click on New, then edit the profile name and the input name of the operator package you wish to create i.e. Zain online. After this click on static and then enter your APN, username and password, leaving the access number as *99# and you ar done with the configuration settings.
  10. Finally some of you may find it difficult to know which profile name, or APN,  or username , or password you should enter for a particular network operator don’t worry  I will list them for you in detail.

Profile Name:MTN fast link

Profile name: GLO HIS
APN: gloflat
Password: Flat

For Airtel SIM
Profile Name: Zain online
Username: Internet
Password: Internet

For 9mobile SIM
Profile name: Etisalat easyNet
APN: Etisalat
Username: wap
Password: wap